Sunday, November 11, 2007


Its amazing what one week away from work responsibilities will do .
I feel refreshed and eager for Christmas and all that it entails to hurry
up and get here.
The Summer Reading Club will be launched this month with hundreds of children rushing in to join all over Hume Libraries. I'm sure like past years it will be a great success.

Christmas is just around the corner, which means Santa will be visiting the library to see all the Pre-school story time kids, and the mums and bubs from Baby time.
I hope he doesn't scare too many with his HO HO HO.
Did you hear that the Santa's that roam around Westfield shopping centre's have been banned from HO HO HO ING. How ridicules.

The New Year will see Holiday Twilight story time return for the month of January, which is always popular for the working mums and dads.

Just a thanks to Sally for taking over Babytime while I was away.


Monday, November 5, 2007


315385916_c235d39406_o.png (image)

Check the image above .This is how my head feels, like a planet bouncing around the universe. Learning about the other planets I bump into , Technorati, Flickr, Wiki, Librarything, Delicious, RSS Feeds. So much information ,I'm not sure if this little planet can retain it all.

I have joined so many websites, Big Brother will be able to track me till the day I die. To tell you the truth , I'm not sure if I will visit them a second time.

Sorry I take that back. I love, it lets you make your own slide shows with your photos, and if you know me, you know I love taking photos .

I love that I have a blog . Somewhere I can add my thoughts and deeds. Somewhere I can send my friends to visit. I also like that I can visit my workmates blogs and see whats going on in their life. I didn't realise how funny some of them can be.

So after all is said and done I must say that Learning 2.0 has enriched my life for the better.
cheers luckygirl

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Some great titles you can download for free @
Creator Grimm,
Title The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage
Creator Grimm,
Title Rapunzel
Creator Potter, Beatrix
Title The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Creator Andersen, Hans Christian, 1805-1875
Title The Little Match Girl
These are FREE downloads from the Gutenberg Project.
If you have Real Player or Windows Media Player installed you can listen at your PC or download to an MP3 device.


If your looking for different craft ideas for your storytime session, go to MY FEEDS and click on FAMILY FUN .
Each week you'll get step-by-step video guides of popular FamilyFun crafts and recipes for every holiday and season. Whether you're creating a cute craft, looking for a great homemade gift, or cooking up a terrific treat for the kids, they will show you how to get the job done in three minutes or less.